Stateside Construction Group Services

Whether it is early budgeting, a private negotiation, competitively bidding or acting as a construction manager, Stateside Construction is there to support your commercial construction initiatives. Our experienced staff is trained in advanced construction methodologies and uses the latest technology to provide unmatched professional construction services.  No matter the project phase, Stateside will be by your side guiding you through the process. 

Pre-Construction Services

Early decisions in a building program have a dramatic effect on a project’s cost, schedule, and quality. We work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and consultants during a project’s design phase, providing key input for critical decision making. Our pre-construction services include:

Negotiated General Construction

Negotiated General Construction creates a personal relationship between the client and Stateside. Using this approach, Stateside works with you and your architect to deliver competitive cost, schedule, and quality guarantees, while controlling the operational aspects of your program with maximum efficiency. Our enthusiastic team manages the process, selects the best possible team of subcontractors and suppliers for your project, and protects your interests from beginning to end.

“Your team’s professionalism, keen knowledge of construction costs, project management and ability to deliver exceptional quality in a timely manner has given us the confidence to continue to seek larger and more complex projects to add to our portfolio.”

Dakota Partners
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Construction Management

Successful construction management is achieved through reliable conceptual estimating and strong team leadership skills. This approach is most often used when a project must start before a guaranteed maximum price can be set or on complex projects that must meet a fixed budget. By selecting Stateside as your construction manager early in the design phase, you achieve the benefit of our continuous input throughout the design phase for scheduling, constructability, and budgeting.

Lump Sum Bid

In a lump sum bid scenario, Stateside’s broad subcontractor base, reputation for prompt payment, and controlled overhead make us one of the most consistently competitive bidders. We pre-qualify subcontractor and supplier bids for completeness, insurability, bondability, and availability, which ensures a successful project.