Our own Thomas Howard, Director of Business Development, has been named Vice President of the Association for Facilities Engineering, New Hampshire Chapter 140. 

The Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) is a professional membership organization serving all professionals working in the built environment. Just as in social science, AFE defines the term “built environment” as the surroundings people construct to provide settings for human activity and interaction, ranging in scale from buildings to parks, often including their supporting infrastructure such as water supply and energy networks. AFE brings together professionals who ensure the optimal operation of commercial real estate, industrial plants, classified and non-classified government facilities, campuses of higher education, and medical centers around the world.  Established in 1915, AFE remains the leading technical education and credentialing resource for facilities management professionals. We work every day to provide tools and resources to enhance the expertise and broaden the connections of facilities management professionals worldwide, which reflects our focus on the credentialing programs, our “ask the expert” program and our networking opportunities.